Since 1991, Morn Sun has mainly been engaged in international trade and its business is all over the world. Our customers from Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Oceania. The company based on the faith of “Customers First”, and quality assurance .Keep to research and develop new products and giving customers more diversified product selection. OEM / ODM is also committed to understand customer’s requirements, and constantly pursue and breakthrough in product technology, customer service.

At present, the company actively research and design the creative life products, and pursues the development of cultural and creative products based on its own brand. Now, it focuses on related products such as paper art, patchwork, creative design, and reuse of wastes. And environmental protection has become our company's goal in future . Through the use of products, we hope to create individual art, creative and humanistic qualities, injecting living water into Taiwan's traditional industries and enhancing the international image of Taiwan's fine products.